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Stock Price Data thru Close: Thursday, April 18, 2019
Projected Stock Price: Monday, April 22, 2019
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  • Welcome to IHA Consultants Inc. TRI-SIGNAL U.S. Equities Analytic Web Service

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    Business Value - Stock Price Prediction Reports & Service(s)

    Investment Bank Stock Price Modeling

    We make available state of the art, stock price (equity) modeling, which was normally only avaialbe to hedge funds, insurers, investment banks, mutual funds and wealth advisors.

    Priceless: Predicting Tomorrow's Portfolio Value and Preventing a 2008 type of portfolio loss?

    Rule #1: Protect against downside loss by daily monitoring. Know your portfolio's predicted value. Actively seek out better return prospects.

    Exceed your Goals and Expectations by Putting Your Money to Work!

    Use active return strategies to increase your portfolio value surpassing standalone asset allocation strategies. Realize returns in next 2 - 3 trading days or next 2 - 3 weeks rather than 6 - 12 months.

    How should I invest my nest egg for maximum retirement Income?

    Rule #2: Don't settle for average market returns (ETF). You can beat ETF returns and avoid the worries of insufficient retirement income.

    Stock Price Model Prediction Features

    Select from 8300+ U.S. stock ticker symbols. Each report includes 1-trade day and historical 20 trade-day accuracy metric(s). Download (*.csv) report(s) on any device. Data security is enforced using authentication, authorization and encryption.

    Reports are updated daily. Each report includes a snap shot of historical information and all information including three (3) news events to keep you informed.

    Active Portfolio

    What is today's portfolio value? What is tomorrow's predicted value(range)? Should I re-structure my stock portfolio?

    Monitor & Verify Advice

    Having a trusted second opinion is priceless when investing. Why settle for a 'robo-advisor?'

    Increase Returns

    Measure expected return. Actively search for "extra return."

    Avoid Loss

    Mitigate portfolio loss by selling stocks and replacing with probable higher return stocks. Know when a stock is tanking and when a stock is about to start a run.

    Machine Learning

    The core stock price predictive framework conists of layers of predictive models running on cloud gpu servers that dynamically learn stock behaviors.

    High Predictive Accuracy

    Predictive accruary at 1-trade-day and at 20-trade-day is reported for all reports. For Trade Range with Direction reports: Only when an unambigious and sufficient strength signal is detected - will a Direction and Direction Probability be reported.

    Cloud Accessible

    Access latest daily report any time, anywhere on any device.

    Secure Data

    Data security is maintained at all times with continious monitoring.

    Plan Pricing

    We have packages available for consultants, consumers, hedge funds, investment banks, mutual funds, wealth advisors and for institutional investors. Please see representative examples below.

    • $60 only
    • 3 Months
    • 500 Report Requests
    • 1-Stock Trading Range
    • Choose from 8100+ Stock Symbols
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    • $100 only
    • 3 Months
    • 500 Report Requests
    • 1-Stock Trading Range with Direction
    • Choose from 8100+ Stock Symbols
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    • $350 only
    • 3 Months
    • 500 Report Requests
    • 1-Stock, 20-Trade Day Cumulative Trading Range with Direction
    • Choose from 8100+ Stock Symbols
    • Read More
    • Call for pricing
    • 3 - 6 - 12 Months
    • 1500 - 5000 - unlimited Report Requests
    • 8100-Stock Point in Time Trading Range with Direction plus 1-Stock, 20-Trade Day Cumulative Trading Range with Direction
    • Choose from 8100+ Stock Symbols
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